My God, it is a wonder to see
The zebra,
The zebra,
But with stripes,
Black and white stripes,
The zebra standing,
Lying on the ground,
The horse
But with the stripes,
Black and white stripes
Making them freckled and spotted,
Printed and coloured
And designed
As the cheetah is but differently
And it is a beauty to see
The wonder in colours,
Mystery of stripes,
The beauty of design and colours
The zebra,
The zebra
Of the horse family.

It is a marvel,
Really a marvel to see,
See the black and white coats,
Stripes of coats,
The colour coats,
Coated black and white,
Striped with
The zebra animal
With the black stripes
On the white
The zebra
Lies it standing,
Grazing grass,
Lying on the ground
With the printed,
Striped design in colour,
Striped and bordered.

It is a beauty,
A beauty to see
The zebra,
The zebra of the horse breed,
The animal
So colourful and striped,
So designed and coloured
But in stripes,
The zebra,
So fanciful and romantic
And dreamy
In colour combination
And artistic printed and striped design.

© Bijay Kant Dubey

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