My dreams laze in Your Shadow...

My dreams laze in Your Shadow…

In the deathly silence,
What You hear is,
Not time ticking by,
But the rhythm of boundless love,
That beats in the heart for You…

All through the seasons,
And In the winter chill,
The soul is warm with Your thoughts,
And In the summer heat,
My dreams laze in Your shadow…

Over days and nights,
The vision has built,
Castles of Your lucid dreams,
Which aren’t made of sand,
Come, come and take my hand…

"Landscape with the Dream of Jacob"

“Landscape with the Dream of Jacob” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)













The day will arrive in time,
When my heart will beat with Thine,
Life will like never before shine,
In Your glory divine,
Life will be the dream, I truly mean…

Every day of this journey,
The words try to float and rise,
Hear them call out Your name
I know You are listening,
My whisper echoes back softly…

Copyright @ Vijay Vaghela

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