Your kindness can fill up the entire universe...

Your kindness can fill up the entire universe…

Your kindness has shown me the road to happiness,
It has turned on all the lights in my life,
Your kindness has made my path clear,
Your kindness is Divine …..

Your kindness is as vast as the seven seas,
Your kindness is deeper than the deepest of oceans,
To swim in your kindness is like being
Totally engulfed with …..

What is money, material, food without your kindness,
The answer to all under the sun is in your kindness,
The beginning was with your kindness,
The end shall be with it …..
Your holy kindness!!!

Your kindness is more than the warmth of the sun,
It shines at night with the moonlight,
Your kindness goes beyond the stars,
Your kindness can fill up the entire universe…..
Reach out to galaxies!!!

Copyright @ Zarina C. Johnstone

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