In which my love flowed away

In which my love flowed away

The skies of gloom now bloom
In the night when your eyes twinkle
Glowing and shining my dreams ignite
As I hold you in them tonight

Stardust scatter behind a sprinkle
Piercing the wake of my dreams of delight
Dew drops line the surface of the petal
The mist of fragrance so sweet and light

I catch your awesome beauty that I see
In my memories forever to be
And hold them to mend my broken heart
A symbol of being never apart

The ache of my longing hurts
A sigh of passion that goes unheard
The unsure directions of rivers
In which my love flowed away
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As I drown, I awaken
Reaching out to grab the last straw
But be helpless and just gasp in awe
For your beauty took my breath away!!!

Copyright © Vijay Vaghela
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