Poor people doesn’t deserve justice,
You sold my love to your boss for promotion,
Made it a secret dear, for you knew it wasn’t nice,
As he tasted the lollipop, for power intention.

There is no more respect, our love is gone to a far place,
Money has turned your brain into a lunatic vacation,
The word sweet heart, is no more in your romantic voice,
I am just left outside the love box, with just wishes vaccination.

My heart is on fire, my soul has no more peace,
My tears has formed a permanent river coalition,
Pain for the assault of betrayal, evading my love like police,
I am drowning in this ocean of love limitation.

Its over my beautiful queen of the Nile race,
I don’t want to be your success obstacle portion,
Go ahead and enjoy the fruits of your sweat price,
You deserve to be happy, enjoy your life’s proportion.

I will be okay dear, will love if the right time comes for resistance,
Let me go and pave way for love to the right man’s ration,
Who am I unto you now, I have no money nor can’t roll the dice,
I wish you all the best, in the rest of your life petition.

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