We all want to succeed and live great lives
In life all have to face numerous challenges
Some are born in difficult circumstances
Forced to fight against very great odds
Some go through the baptism of fire
Some indeed have to go through hell
Some have to endure pain and suffering
While some undergo a life full of misery
But no matter how hard life becomes
No matter how tough the going gets
One must never give in or ever give up
It’s a giant step toward achieving success
It is very true that fortune favors the bold
It is also true that only the strong survive
So in life one has to be very strong in spirit
By overcoming trials one becomes stronger
It is paramount to believe in yourself
Whilst working hard towards your goals
Always be driven by a great determination
Redouble your efforts when things get rough
Stay focused and not to get yourself waylaid
And if you derail be quick to get back on track
To fail doesn’t make someone a failure
To fail and quit is what makes you one
To lose doesn’t mean that you’re a loser
To lose and quit is what makes you one
Everybody falters in life from time to time
He who never quits often becomes a winner
We all tend to fall every once in a while
But he who gets back up often makes it
This world we live in has no room for quitters
We always must try a little harder and harder
We always must try to reach further and further
We always must try to do better and better
It is wise to learn from our past mistakes
And wiser to learn from others mistakes
Don’t ever, ever be defined by your past
It cannot be changed but your future can
Someone said there’s no time like the present
For it presents us with limitless opportunities
To set upon a path of our very own choosing
And gives us a chance to do things differently
To open a new chapter, to have a fresh start
For it is now or never! So shoot for the stars
And along the way achieve your life’s dreams!

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Copyright © Bernard Owor


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Disclaimer: The image used herein is taken from the Internet. Due appreciation and credit is acknowledged.



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