I was young I was wild, free and fun loving
Drinking the pleasure I enjoyed having
Blind to the fate that lifestyle was curving
To a path of misery I started swerving

Soon I became a slave to my drinking
In a pool of alcohol I started sinking
I fell to neglect without even thinking
Oh! Life is tricky it turns when blinking

As my world started down slopping
Denial was the first lie I was groping
Not accepting the fact I was now coping
With an addiction beyond my stopping

I had no clue my pain was just starting
Those i held dear are the ones I was hurting
In a drunken stupor I was prone to fighting
Even my closest of friends started deserting

I lost my job the source of my earning
Couldn’t even supply my vile yearning
I hit rock bottom with a suicide planning
I was distorted with no place of running

Then I got some help, professional handling
Amongst many peers like me just struggling
To escape this trap that was often strangling
Got saved from the short rope I was dangling

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Copyright © Bernard Owor

Bernard Owor is on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/bernard.owor

Also at: http://bernardowor.wordpress.com/you-can-fight-your-addiction/

Disclaimer: The picture used herein is taken from the Internet


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