Your a little fabulous,
Just the way you are ,
Your a little gorgeous ,
More than you think you are.

Your a little crazy,
With all your stupid ideas at play,
Your a little sober,
When you are lost in your thoughts you say.

Your a little awesome ,
With all the attitude you show,
Your a little mind blowing,
Cause of your talents although you play it low.

Your a little amazing,
Just like your amazing smile,
Your a little wonderful,
In your own different style.

Your a little cute,
With all your mischiefs,
Your a little annoying,
Cause you love playing your little tricks.

Your a little simple,
The way you think,
Your a sassy,
the way you like pink.

Your s little bold,
And your eyes say it all,
Your a little brave,
Putting up a smile even when you fall.

You are what you are,
In all that you do ,
your more than just beautiful,
cause there is nobody like you.

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Copyright © Pearl Mendis


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