On the carpet of rose petals...

On the carpet of rose petals…














The cool winter evening,
The peeping stars in the sky,
Sweet memories sprinkle
Love gets intoxicated.

Let my words give you peace,
Let your heartbeat beat slowly,
Let my soft touch sooth you,
Let this night also be a feast…

Let love bloom in your garden,
On the carpet of rose petals,
Of fragrance heady sweet,
Rivers of fantasies we shall greet…

I am growing ecstasy
In the soil of my heart,
With water of my longings
Come and share the crop…

Oh, my beloved, with your gaze,
My fragile body is set ablaze
With the dew drops of love
The flame is dancing mad.

In the spray of the fountain
Of our life’s desires,
The blushing dawn will
Finally douse the fires…..
seema devi…27.1.14
My acrylic painting

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