Messages in a bottle are so romantic...

Messages in a bottle are so romantic…














My wandering mind got locked in
the chambers of your heart,
Only to fly as the sparrows of verses!

My thoughts got lost in the treasures
of your kingdom
And you pick up like pearls
hidden in the oysters of your wisdom.

The pearls are the tears from t
the agony of the oyster
The verses are born from
the silent agony of my heart.

Oh my heart , my mind is empty,
and thoughtless, what can I reply?

When the waves of thoughts hit
the shore of your mind,
Embrace them, capture them,
pour on the paper of your passions.

The agony of oyster is washed away
by the waves of the waves rippling
on the shores spray
The shore line is now is decorated
With notes of my passion
The sea of love now celebrates
my messages sent in the bottles!

Messages in a bottle are
so romantic…
for they have the charisma
of supposedly
having sailed across
the seven seas to finally
quench the thirst generated
by the quest for love…
with the waves lapping upon
the shoreline of the beloved…
oh what a feeling when
she reads the love letter!!!

seema devi …30.1.14
my digital art —

Copyright © Seema Devi
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