Those of us conversant in poetry’s dialect
Share a gift of versing any thoughts we elect
Words form the bailiwick we naturally select
Whether imagined or real the notions we collect
Transcend from the depths of an awakened intellect

A mind riddled with stress, can subconsciously erect
A defensive mental wall to curb or at times redirect
Any deep thoughts that eat at our brain live and direct
It’s a protective measure that comes into play indirect
To shield from mental strain, an awakened intellect

When this wall known as writers block comes to effect
Writing is one of the special traits more often it does affect
For it severs the connection of the thoughts we reflect
And any attempts to dig deeper are made to deflect
Thus blocking the signals that feed us from an awakened intellect

Many a times it is also induced by the emotions we project
Especially when we wallow in deep matters that deject
So in order to help us deal will such, the wall builds to interject
And it’s easy for one to get lost in the emptiness it can subject
Trapped in the vacuum arising from a disconnected awakened intellect

The only way to break this wall is from a psychological aspect
Having a peace of mind is always a great healing prospect
When we tackle the stressful issues which mainly are to suspect
This provides a reconnection for us to regain access and inspect
The great mysteries that emanate from an awakened intellect

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