(A tribute to woman)

OH! Divine flower, you are wo+man,
Shakthi of Purusha!!

You are thrown in the amber for dowry,
You are nipped in the womb, selectively,
Education and freedom is yet not fully there,
Fearless Freedom in reality is yet to dawn,
Great are a few and emaciated a few, yet,
Hurdles of snakes are thrown on your way,
Your spring is looted, strangulated you are!

You spring like a phoenix, resilient with smile,
You return the flowers of love and joy,
Strive for peace and prosperity,
Create a home and care a hearth,
You are an unpaid 24×7 laborer,
A valley of tolerance and compassion,
That Nation is forward and developed,
Which cares, nurtures the girl child!
Seema Devi. 5.3.14

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Copyright © Seema Devi
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