Who stole my……………?

This is not simple to spread your body
Like wings to say only but
Anybody to tread
For a bread helplessly
With pitiable shade in eyes
Once caressed once entered
Like rubber stamp sticks as owner
As a slave enduring all frantic cruelty
No any word as slang in rage
But sleepless red eyes drowned in dream
Inner screaming voice save us save us died
We don’t have any other art to earn money
Beside to sell this moral organ
Like you don’t know where is soul
What is birthly foul
Let them caress let them wash let them bite
Pieces of deep deep heart
Where they never can reach by this
Butcher bargain
Only love can reach thousand miles away
In one blink
Except it all has spam messages
Not detecting drive even connected so close
Explore all and achieve nothing like ghsargundi
Exhausted to be dear Mr fag
With counting price tag
I fallow my tears in late night
When nobody comes near
I know nobody is so close to me.
Here I am not shameless
To share true emotions of my story
Like insane with anybody
My salvation out of this dungeon
Is only hopeless dream
I sought ultimately my heaven
For what you foolish ready to die
So it is better die where you are
Destined, accepted and signed
Anonymously on this virtual reality.

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Copyright © Shivaji Pandhare

Shivaji Pandhare is on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008718191761

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