One day one time,
I woke up with this question,
Roaming in my mind’s chime,
With much zeal in notation.

I started visualizing my life’s game,
My mode of respect and emotion,
I realized hands fingers in size aren’t the same,
This endorsed the first question’s notion.

Yes I had a special noun that’s my name,
But I am always surrounded by examination,
A lot of challenges in my life came,
This brought unto me the next question’s motion.

Doing a lot of things in short time rhyme,
Amazing things with only few do the adoration,
The good thing is haven’t commit any crime,
But making strides of building this nation.

One thing which was build in my time,
I never follow wind or trend nor fashion,
But thinking before following any life’s line,
Looking the future direct in its eyes admission.

This is the result, people had doubts in my mime,
Still I had to work hard to prove my aspiration,
I came to understand good life isn’t that prime,
Now I knew whom I am a man of implementation.

I have no regret nor have feelings of shame,
It’s not pride but reality hidden in isolation,
Neither am I bothered by that fame,
Yet disturbed by how changed is life’s sensation.

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