What will she bring?
Full of hopes and suspense
Singing several songs with one guitar string
Not been predictable is nonsense

She has made slaves; kings
Through gracing of grass
Whoever desired she picks
Opposed to their look in today’s glass

Tomorrow never ends
So happy and extremely sad
For today; hope she tends
Forms man from yesterday’s lad

She begets all ceremonies
Makes men prepared for funeral
After which entices with holy matrimonies
Entwine deceased child with Major-General

There’s always tomorrow
Until you have gone through today
Pregnant of pain and sorrow
A day hoped for everyday

When tomorrow comes
A mystical land stored with tidings
Yet not disflowered by mistaken forms
Making today’s dreams; realities

Keep calm and close eyes a while
Sooner she chastened with kiss
Stop longing, lest poison today’s file
And never reaching her with ease

When Tomorrow comes
I will wake up new
With worries becoming few
Hopeful; when tomorrow comes

Live as if you die tomorrow
Learn as if you live forever
The way to success is narrow
Reaching tomorrow is now and ever.

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