When I will Come

One due morning
When it is very chilly
With birds of the air chirping
I promise I will come and only
Just to say ‘you’re beautiful’

One eventide
When the sun is at stake and just about to set
Before the yellow rays dim
And before the cows gets into the shed
I sure will come
And proclaim
‘You’re all that makes my heart leap’

And soon after the chilly morning
As the sun begins to gain puberty
And the hoe ready for use by the farmer
Maybe in the late after noon
With the shadow exactly on my toes
There will you see me
Laughing and crying out of joy
With arms wide open
That ‘make yourself comfortable in my arms’

You who makes my every morning
You who live not near not far
From my rusted tin-roofed house
And who in her power completes my being
In contemplation of how you really did it
Supra amazing
I promise when I will come
You too come shall at the right moon

So that
In zeal and will
Nothing we shall leave to chance
But have all us
In a tied repute – of how twinned
Our righteous souls thence

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Copyright © Losioki Somoire

For Fridah Kimaiyo

Losioki Somoire is on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/losioki.somoire


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