Yesterday is gone and I forget,
Thinking of what today I will get,
My life is like a glowing candle,
Can’t stand wind wave griddle.

One thing I know is I am not perfect,
And am a student who learns to respect,
Like a child on its first day to saddle,
That how I learn to push the paddle.

I have never been led by emotions net,
Neither my thinking is in a crooked set,
Peace is what I gather in a bundle,
Mastering ways to live with different people.

I whisper unto my own heart,
Don’t be stupid and subject to anger,
Think twice before you throw the needle,
Appreciate even if what you get is little.

Yesterday is gone think of what was right,
Don’t let your lips to encrypt a new fight,
But let sweet words like a ripened apple,
Become your amend to be a good example.

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