Frank life so simple,
With a natural not forced smile,
Letting out beautiful dimple,
No matter the challenges a mile.

Peace to prevail in my heart’s pole,
Can’t be perfect, at least trying sole,
Though I can’t be innocent like mule,
But don’t want to be compared with whale.

Never dreaming having bitter words like a bile,
Only inspiring water from my brain’s file,
Things which build my friends in a while,
Not eating their flesh like a deadly crocodile.

I want to be inhabitant of love as fish and Nile,
Neither want to force harmony go far to exile,
What I think is all who surrounds me to excisable,
Of laughter, respect and sharing good life not volatile…


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Changez Ndzai is a budding author, writer and poet, who has nearly about 100 poems to his credit and also some video poetry on our website


Changez Ndzai is from Mombasa, Kenya in East Africa. He is also involved in social activities and a part of organizations that extend help and assistance in providing, installing and establishing computers in various schools, across East Africa. When he is not touring across the country towards this endeavor, he loves to write poems on various topics, be it romance, love, nature, life and so on. This post is a video post of one of his poetry recitation.

Photo Credit: Changez Ndzai

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