Truth is almost every person
Indulges in a form of poison
A sort of self-intoxicating liaison
Forcing them to self-imprison
In their own self-made prison

What is your poison? That is the question!
In this world of sin there is a powerful beacon
Designed to seduce, manipulate, entice and con
Alcohol, drugs, sex, money, power each an icon
Of the beast of temptations, a force to reckon
For the pleasures man treasures always beckon
To our minds, bodies and souls; it stands to reason
Society today is like a sitting duck in hunting season
Against godly morals we have committed treason

What is your poison? That is the question!
Any vile habit we indulge in and fail to chaperon
Becomes a disease, dependence on it a patron
Inhibiting normal function and making a moron
Of all who fall prey to this life destroying baron
From Adam and Eve to Delilah and Samson
History has taught us an important life’s lesson
From the strong to the wise like King Solomon
Having a weakness is a trait man has in common

What is your poison? That is the question!
Human imperfection is a lengthy sermon
Still being a victim of own inner demon
It’s a condition that is hardly uncommon
So no matter the situation you stumble upon
Whether it’s just a weakness or an addiction
Whatever your stance or moral conviction
First step is admitting the problem, a self-confession
Of substance abuse or any unhealthy obsession

What is your poison? That is the question!
That foul habit or pleasure you cannot abandon
Hunger to satisfy its cravings begs not a pardon
That which can also be used as a tool or weapon
To get control of thee with the press of a button
That vice that can turn you into loose cannon
That digs you a hole bigger than the Grand Canyon
For he who is ensnared by such a malicious talon
Can be turned into a criminal element or felon

What is your poison? That is the question!
That can squeeze one so tight like a python
On a rogue spending spree, binge or marathon
Bleeding all your financials dry with its siphon
Darkening the vision or scope of your horizon
To be free of any substance you’re hooked on
It’s a continuous and hard battle to be won
Takes great commitment to slay this dragon
Many who are trying often fall off the wagon

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