Real happiness is within you,
if you want to be happy,
nobody can stop you,
it depends upon how we react,
the real world of enjoyment is within you.

Whatever you will feel,
it is the outcome of your circumstances,
let your soul be so much excited,
that the surroundings will become jolly too.

We can follow one simple process,
if you want to be in the state of happiness,
we should make others happy too,
it is the only best way in which,
this world will become a place full of happiness.

This world is full of pain, sorrows and hatred,
let us start a new journey today,
let us begin by emitting more positivity,
let us give this world,
a world full of positive vibrations.

The best resource of happiness is smile,
let us give at least one simple smile,
the best way through which happiness will be infected,
and let this infection be spread to one and all.


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Copyright © Azam Siddiqui

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