hey say it
Your karma is your dharma,
Your dharma your karma,
The fruit of your action,
That you have done,
But know I not,
What have I
Where lies it
My pitfall,
My wrong action?

O, where
Have I erred,
Where have I fallen,
My temptation
And the sin committed
In its name,
My lust
And trap of fallibility,
O, where
Have I erred
And fallen?

You show me,
Show me
The path of judgement,
Good action,
That I may,
May correct,
To the line,
Show me, show mew
The path leading unto.

My sin
I have unknowingly,
My sin
I do not
Which I committed,
My vice,
Which but
I know it not.

And for what
Am I bearing,
Am I suffering,
My karma
My dharma,
My dharma
My karma,
My property,
The result of
My action,
Good action,
Bad action.

My karma my dharma,
My karma dharma,
What it is
In my lot,
I shall have to get
What it is
In my lot,
My fate or destiny
I shall have to
That I know
Whether you
Accept it or not.

Your karma is
Your dharma,
Your dharma
Your karma,
In your karma
Which you have,
The action which
You have
For which
You will have to reap,
The consequences
What in stock.

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Disclaimer: The image used herein is in the public domain and taken from the Internet. Due appreciation and credit is acknowledged for the same.


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