Doctrines, philosophies and religious beliefs
Are all an integral part of our human existence
We’re governed by notions we deem to be just
So often uphold the values we accept to be true
The right to be able to make that important choice
And the freedom to practice that solemn right
Is what defines the inner concepts of liberty
Respecting beliefs acknowledged by others
Without succumbing to conflict or hate
Is what defines the real concept of peace
Harboring no prejudice against a certain race
Or color or creed is what empowers unity and love
Indeed Peace love and liberty is the face of humanity
That every community should learn to embrace
It is the seed that will spawn a new generation
And will fill the cracks that propagate violence
Amongst nations, or tribes or amongst brothers
Not sharing same views is no cause to spill blood
Be wary of politics it is the veil of deception
And can easily cloud our ability to see reason
Individual opinions doesn’t make us unequal
No one is superior and no one is inferior
We are all one God created us that way
We are the ones orchestrating grave rifts
That lead to a path of destruction and death

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