Earth lost its radiation.
This made a stupid king demand earth and water.
Oh! There was a polar shift
Hermes and Mercury raised fists.
At that time, cupid was asleep.
There was a gravitational pull
That drew Pluto to Nash
In the adventure of Pluto Nash.
For Jupiter and Mercury’s clash,
The gods are not to blame.
Xerxes was a threatening sound
That sounds more like a dumb god’s name.
Open your heart but do not understand,
For these are the days of Isaiah, Daniel, Mordecai and Esther.
Today, Xerxes wants Earth and Water.
Panthera leo is the king of the jungle
So was Leonidas in the assembly of the gods,
For he defied the divine’s decree
And held the moon captive
Against the sensual drunk goddess of Sparta.
Hear o Earth! Hold your Water,
And Water, flow not out,
For ghosts shall die tonight
And immortals, buckets shall kick.
Oh Persians! This is Sparta
Slowly like the silk cocoon,
The stricken line coined out of a cave
But was met with blood-thirsty Leo-ni-pards.
There, I saw three hundred killing thousands
In the foremost Armageddon.
The Leo, was so skilled and hot;
Told the god-king, “Thou shall bleed”
Immortals he killed, the king he bled
But he was not like his wife had said,
“Come back with your shield or on it.”
Accursed was the hunchbacked Ephialtes,
For he uncovered the Spartians’ rear
And handed his king to be killed,
Sold his nation for a prize
When hell was let loose at Thermopylae.
© Samuel Amazing Ayoade (Blazing Pen)

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Copyright © Samuel Amazing Ayoade (Blazing Pen)

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