WANT TO RE-LIVE….1/30/2015

I remember you,

holding me in your armsLet Me Complete The Journey

Maskara from eyes smiling, lips trembling

I was something other than me
Fear and peace, love and security
Were swinging like pendulum
You captured soft looks of deer
from my eyes, shimmering with
Love and light.
You were drinking honey from
the cave of forbidden love.
My vibrant senses made you sleep
The restless longings bloomed
Hunger and thirst retreated intoLet Me Complete The Journey 2hub of peace.
Time stood still I was “naught”.
Today I stand in the moon lit garden
To re-live those moments, which
I have wrapped in memories handkerchief
Hidden in the valet of my heart.

Seema Devi 27 Jan 2015

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Copyright © Seema Devi

Seema Devi is on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/seema.devi.56

Photo Credit: Art by Seema Devi


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