O Boy, have I kept your love in my heart,
Just a day of missing and I am feel sick,
Want you to be right here so I don’t get hurt,
I value your kiss more than any perfume or lip-stick.

I always feel good if am in your hands so tight,
When you caress my smooth body with a gentle tick,
My whole body paralyses in a pleasure plight,
Something that I can’t hide today I do so speak.

Take me far away to your love world net,
Don’t forget your romantic sweet words click,
Which made me fall in your honey trap,
Always want to be there in that love mountain peak.

My life isn’t full if you are away and I can’t wait,
Without your support my lover I feel too weak,
With you residing in my heart I have no regret,
So exciting unto me your gentle lovebird tickling pecks.

Before I finish I give you my soul complete and lot,
Your kisses leave me on a cloud of confusion track,
Your body size means preciousness and oh so taut,
Nurturing this love forever will be my life’s best bet.

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Copyright © Changez Ndzai


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