Unleash Your Creativity

Unleash Your Creativity

Post your poetry, write in your poems and let the world explore your thoughts, dreams and aspirations through the pages of our website For it is every hearts’ desire to reach out and touch the infinite expanse of the sky, to touch the world with the latent talent that lies within all of us, within our dreams. Let the words flow. Let your poetry sing on our pages, Let your lines speak on our site, Let your poem create a beautiful panorama, Let your words unleash the Magic of Poetry!!!

Many events in our lives, much of the information collected in our minds through our endless experiences, sometimes bitter, at times sweet, and at times mysterious, do not seem to make sense. But within the recesses of our minds and crevices of this experiment of God, an experiment called Life, we are all gifted with the blessing of creativity, a blessing which lets us express all these things unknown, through the wonderful medium of what we call as poetry. The purpose of this website is to provide an opportunity, a runway, from which your words, your lines, your poems, your verses become your flights of fantasy; and they can take off to reach out and touch the world, to fill up the emptiness of the void left by uncertainties of events and experiences in an ever-changing world.

We aspire to expand a lot more on the working of this website, which is in process currently. Your poetry can be rated by others visiting this website, replies and comments can be posted by other fans. We intend to create a platform for interaction between poetry lovers who post their work on this website. We also plan to incorporate a panel of reviewers who are distinguished and established personalities to review the best rated poems and provide feedback regarding the same.The primary objective of this website is therefore to keep the spirit and the talent of writing, alive and kicking in the hearts of aspiring writers to reach up and touch the levels of professionalism.

As our fan base grows in the near future, we will also intend and endeavor to publish a print version of only the best rated poems submitted by our fans visiting our website, and promote the same in the open market. The implementation and celebration of such an endeavor will entirely depend on the quality of the responses and posts that we receive and the growth of this website. At this later stage, depending on the success levels of the marketing strategies adopted, the select authors of the best rated poems which are published would receive a free complimentary copy of this collection of poems. In the mean time, do keep on posting your poems to light up the darkness that surrounds us!

Do make it a point to go through the Terms of Use for this website, which are simple and straightforward before you start igniting your passion for poetry through your posts!


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  1. Ashok

    Ashok is a poet, writer, committed community activist, public speaker and a keen photographer.
    Based in Vancouver, he continues to combine in his life, all of the above yet it is apparent that his main passion is poetry. Ashok writes both in English and Hindi, and has published several selections of his poems: Mirror of Dreams, A Kernel of Truth, Skipping Stones and Lost in the Morning Calm, among others.
    His poetry has been published in various literary magazines and anthologies. He has been a featured poet on CBC, CFMQ 105 radio and Channel M television. He was also featured at the Word on the Street, the Asian Heritage Month and International Story Tellers Festivals.
    Ashok has written for The Canada Times Magazine and the East West News, Asian Journal, The Link, Indo-Canadian Voice and many other newspapers.
    Ashok is a Poet Laureate and recipient of many awards and distinctions. He holds a Masters degree in Economics.

    He is the Founder and President of WIN Canada – Writers International Network Canada.

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