To victims of bad choices not of circumstance
Of opportunities wasted by youthful defiance
Of past mistakes that seem to lack deliverance
Victims of their own arrogance and ignorance
School drop outs and failures facing intolerance
Those who’ve fallen off life’s wagon more than once

Alcoholics, recovering addicts of whatever substance
Ex-convicts, delinquents in form and appearance
From whom family and friends keep their distance
Most of who would wish for their disappearance
The ones society labels degenerates and a nuisance
Whose lives seem to have no value or importance

No matter what people think of self
Or how the whole world treats self
Forget past self, use present self
To create a bright future for self
Face demons of self, conquer self
Be the master of self, redeem thy self

Those who are judged by others just in a glance
Those who are fighting to have another chance
Trying hard to regain back trust and acceptance
Yet still everything they do is met with resistance
Those struggling to get back on their feet and dance
But the weight of the world knocks them off balance

Forcing them to see no purpose in their existence
Whose faults entraps them in a place of no advance
Where the break of a new dawn loses its elegance
And the charm of the full moon loses its romance
Their efforts to change is deemed a performance
Those with nothing to help them be self-reliance

Don’t feel sorry for self, don’t cry for self
Don’t give up on self, believe in thy self
Save self from self, the outcome is on self
Pick self up, dust self off, fight again for self
For the fate and destiny of self
Is in the hands of no one but self

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