Phobia of a dominant man.
Animal, primal instincts held in hand.
Overwhelming impulsive desires,
Craving to see your body on fire.

Revealing all then abruptly withdraw.
Taking all, everything you saw.
I need more than this emotional pain.
Unworthiness of pitiful gain.

The mocking birds snigger at the lonely soul.
Snipers linger behind the grassy knoll.
Driving me away yet yearning for me near.
Pollutes my mind with careless fear.
Your succumbing malice
Is raising my callous.

Frustrating, so close,
Trapped behind blood-stained glass.
Smash through you must.
The breakage lies in your grasp.
For our friendship is starting to rust.

The shelves are all dusty & plain.
Ive read all the texts, boring the same.
You don’t need me so i’ll leave.
Nothing I do will compel you to believe.
We could have been is now just a myth.
So alone I’ll strum the lonely blues riff.

Yakka 11/95

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