Valentine’s Day,
Valentine’s Day
With roses and dreams,
Catching fancy and imagination,
The spirit of romance and romanticism
Coming, coming,
With the roses fresh and fine,
Sweetly redolent and dew-laden
With the message
Betray you not,
Hurt you not anybody’s feelings,
Love, love you the heart,
The soul, but not always with self interest.

The Temple of Heart is pure, extremely pure
And there is no place, place
For falsehood in it,
As says it the heart,
You, you try at least
To be sincere to your feelings,
To your heart
Where dwells in the living soul
Dislodging your lust sometimes.

Love, love is not what we take it for,
Only romantic love is not all,
Why to be sad, sad for someone else,
Try, try to comfort yourself,
Try, try to console the broken self sometimes
After compromising with
As love has many a shade,
Love for the child, love for God,
Mark, mark you the life of St.Valentine and his teachings.

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