Flow with favor
That shall grant you honor
Not swimming against odd
But always with something to add

The life is no hurdle
It involves struggle
Why do not you put it aside?
When mind favorably decides

Fall in line
And never decline
Any offer of friendship
That shall strengthen relationship

Try to learn
At each turn
Either in favor
Or with disfavor

Make use of good will
That shall kill
Any chance of being misquoted
When success is related

It is peace and harmony
That is liked by many
Your have to provide little light
You shall always emerge right

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Copyright © Hasmukh Mehta


Hasmukh Mehta is on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/hasmukh.mehta.98

Disclaimer: The image used herein is possibly taken from the Internet. Due Credit is attributed and acknlowledged for the same.


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