You are a teacher
In a classroom
Packed with students
Who admire you
Follow the path
You show them
With duty and deeds.
Very unique is the relation.
You are a son
To your aged parents
Who enjoy your care
Bless you with a smile
Still work hard for you
They are the living God
And Goddess who create you
Very unique is the relation.
You are a dutiful hubby
To your huffy wife
Who waits for you
At home and impatiently
Unlock the door
To see your shrunken face
Your sweated forehead
Very unique is the relation.
You are a father
To the new born child
That calls you not
By name but gestures
As it feels a relation
Of blood drawing each
Of you near so lovingly
Very unique is the relation.

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Copyright © Moloy Bhattacharya

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