A father and son had to journey across life’s wilderness
The path had all kinds of trees bearing all kinds of fruits
Which the father would pick for his young son to enjoy
But one tree had fruits that looked the juiciest and tastiest
Its fruits were so desirable, so mouthwatering, and so irresistible
Yet the father never picked these fruits for his son to eat
The son would cry, beg, plead, bite, scratch roll on the ground
But no matter how hard the son cried and begged for them
The father would ignore his son’s pleas and urge him to move on
Many times the son would get angry and refuse to eat altogether
His naive mind couldn’t see why his father refused him what he desired most
At times he thought that his father dint love or care for him anymore
All because his father gave him all fruits except the ones he truly wanted
But little did he know the fruits he begged for were deadly poisonous
So is our situations with the almighty God our father who at in heaven
We pray for things and cry to him to grant us our various desires
Things which look appealing and desirable to our naked lustful eyes
But the Lord God ignores such wishes for he is the Alpha and Omega
He knows what harm our lusts and desires can bring to our lives
Sometimes we even refuse the fruits he picks for us to enjoy
Blinded by illusions painted by the fruits we want to have
Many pray for riches thinking it would make them to live happy
But the lord knows it will only poison their hearts, minds and souls
He often grants us all the fruits we need to find joy and happiness
Learn to trust in the lord for only he know what’s best each of us
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Copyright © Bernard Owor
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