Thou it’s said that no man is perfect
Through the wickedness we see today
There are a few people out there
Making this world a better place

With hearts that are made of gold
Gentle, caring and full of kindness
Still giving a damn for Mother Nature
Full of courage they stand for humanity

Defending and protecting lesser creatures
People with purpose to save the world
Whose action promote peace love and unity
They are like angels roaming this earth

Touching people’s lives wherever they go
Giving hope, encouragement and love
People who still offer a helping hand
To total strangers who are in need

People who are selfless and just
Truly it’s them who make a difference
Beacons of light that shine so bright
They make us shed many tears of joy

People who sacrifice time and energy
To ease the pain and suffering of others
Their acts and deeds might go unnoticed
To them I stand at attention and salute!

I believe they are indeed true heroes
Deserving all the praise and glory
Through them we see the hand of God
And a promise of a better tomorrow

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Copyright © Bernard Owor


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