What’s this true happiness our hearts request?
Indeed a philosophical matter for us to inquest
For it has set so many hearts on a blind quest
Within and beyond in search of its conquest

As a newborn yearns for a mother’s breast
So is the need to find our happiness crest
The pursuit of happiness is hard to arrest
Happiness puts any troubled mind at rest

No matter your life path the truth suggest
Any fruit of unhappiness is poison to ingest
Love is a mirrored form of happiness jest
Without love, happiness is lie to digest

Our relentless desire, most can attest
An overwhelming lust we can’t contest
Can make us do deeds we’ll later detest
Many of us get lost, trying to pass this test

Happiness cannot just self-manifest
In this world which deludes us to invest
Towards amassing fortunes with zest
An egocentricity to serve self-interest

I swear upon the heart in my very chest
I’ve been north, east, south and west
I’ve heard many say that home is best
I say it’s where our true happiness nests

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Copyright © Bernard Owor

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Also at: http://bernardowor.wordpress.com/true-happiness/

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