Transcending the barriers,
You meditating, meditating
And lost,
Lost into the things
Taking you far away,
Making you dwell there,
The mind lies it lifted to,
The heart too aligned with
The spirit and the soul within.

With a rudraksha rosy
Into the hands,
You brooding
And brooding,
And dwelling
Far and wide
To scale the heights higher.

Transcending the barriers,
The heights,
You reaching and reaching,
Higher and higher
To reach the height of your sadhna.

India the land of
Sadhus and rishis,
India the land of
Doing their sadhna somewhere,
How to describe it,
How to describe
The Naga sadhus?

Just like Shiva
You in a sadhna,
Talking of
Shivaaham, shivoaham, shivoaham,
I am Shiva, I am Shiva, I am Shiva,
Shiva I, Shiva I, Shiva I,
I Shiva, I Shiva, I Shiva.

Shiva in meditation on Kailash,
The snowy peaks of Kailash
Viewing Mansarovar,
Lost in a sadhna
With the trident, the kamandala,
In the loin tiger cloth,
The hair is matted
And the crescent on the forehead.

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Copyright © Bijay Kant Dubey

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Image Credit: Vijay Vaghela

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