Thanks dear for your recent mail,
The pleasure is always mine, sweetheart,
But from the beginning our love did fail,
Still up to now baby girl, my love scar does hurt.

Though am still single, in this love to sail,
Remember you are someone’s love asset,
I fear very much to eat someone’s flesh coil,
Neither I find it not fair, in love to cheat.

Don’t let your man to taste this red hot nail,
As you did unto me, tore my soul apart,
The love pains sticks, as it was like last night avail,
Please don’t take my memories back in alert.

As I reply this mail, tear drops down does prevail,
If I was using a paper leaf, it could be by now wet,
Please dear, leave me alone in my lonely peace trail,
As silently the right time for my love I do wait.

You preferred his love, left me in pain at the tail,
Smeared my name with all type of chronic insult,
I loved you for real, thus why that day I did wail,
You didn’t heard my plea, so this is the end result.

I know you are still beautiful,
A flower with attractive colours and nice scent,
Please queen of the Nile, don’t take me to a fool,
As I finish this mail, am not ready again for your love tent.


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