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Your beauty veiled in satin white
Dances to the rewind of my dreams
Tonite not enough can say my lines.
Tonite my love just be mine…

Nightfall sneaks your embraces
Right out of the dark.
My dream your fantasy
Forever they will play…

Your fantasy and your lucid dreams
Let me show you the magic
And turn them into reality.
The future is the gold dust of our dreams…

Let live only sweet memories
Together we shall soar and touchdown
On the paradise island
Of our final destination…

As I grow tired and old fades the glitter of gold,
Stories of glorious past retold,
As the nights unfold,
In my dreams you I hold…

The temple of your soul is where I pray
As life goes gray
That I may not rest lonesome
I await your presence in my dreams to come…

I remind the night lamp to be awake
To keep the devil at bay
That my angel doth not stray when she treads
Into the parlour of my dreams…

You I await with a satin white quilt spread
For you to come visit me tonite
Sweet wet fires we shall lite
In the shadow of my dreamy night…

My dream is not distant
It is lucid with visuals and sound beats
That repeat well in step
With your heartbeat…

Dreams you project on the screen [avatar user=”Vijay-Vaghela” size=”100″ align=”right”] Of my restless nights
No other love story can like this be seen
For you are my sweetheart twice over…

Once in my life and once in my dreams!!!

Copyright © Vijay Vaghela

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