From the pith of my soul these words I dedicate
To the love of my life with powers to adjudicate
Over my whole world and troubles that complicate
Matters of my heart and soul so fragile and delicate

The conqueror of my heart from a place so desolate
Not with a bunch of roses or even boxes of chocolate
But with her true love that makes our hearts to collate
Into one entity, one soul for eternity never to isolate

A love so pure for worldly things to contaminate
A bond so strong no force could ever terminate
A feeling of bliss, a kiss and caresses so passionate
A touch so soft with a warm embrace to resonate

I knew you were the one meant to be my soul mate
To share my life woes, joys and pleasures so intimate
For in me you stir an emotion too deep to decimate
To whom my dedication and loyalty is truly ultimate

The lady of my dreams makes all my worries dissipate
Her smile and her laughter always make me anticipate
The joys of marriage, her loving makes me emancipate
From the jaws of despair, my faults she does exculpate

My angel with the body that can quench and captivate
All my inner most desires and the one who can cultivate
My sexual fantasies and needs so deeply secret and private
The woman with the golden key to open and to activate

The passions my heart and also unlocks my souls gate
Sets it wild and free and makes my happiness propagate
Fills me with blissful ecstasy when our bodies conjugate
The queen I love and serve who makes my heart subjugate

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Copyright © Bernard Owor


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