Wake up

We are all different, special and unique
In beauty, in traits, in skills and talents
Yet to most these gifts remain dormant
Untapped, unused, simply wasting away
Corrupted by struggles faced in this world
To live your dreams, you must wake up!

Life pushes us to settle for a dull existence
Monotonous, lifeless, an endless routine
Until we drop dead or get overrun by age
Indeed we are glad and blessed to be alive
But very few know what it really means to live
To live your dreams, you must wake up!

Many of us are too afraid to take that risk
And many more give up without even trying
Then we marvel and admire others successes
Wishing it was us living those people’s lives
We wallow in self-pity and useless excuses
To live your dreams, you must wake up!

Everyday life has many of us enslaved
Blinded and lost we run around in circles
With no sense of purpose or direction
Busy like hounds chasing our own tails
Our true hearts passion a paling shadow
To live your dreams, you must wake up!

We blame our circumstances, or poverty
Or unemployment or the government
When we should be blaming ourselves
I can assure you beyond reasonable doubt
You can do wonders if you truly want to
To live your dreams, you must wake up!

You can be whoever you want to be
Only you have the power rule your fate
To turn your life’s dreams into reality
To stand and be counted amongst the great
To live that life which others admire
To live your dreams, you must wake up!

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Copyright © Bernard Owor

Bernard Owor is on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/bernard.owor

Disclaimer: The picture used herein is taken from the Internet


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