Time phantom


It is truly most precious and of the essence
All living and nonliving things succumb to its presence
All matter is graced with its ancient ambience
There is no civilization that can boast of its absence
The absence of……….. Time the supreme phantom

As to the ages long past, age of iron, age of stone
And all the days the sun, moon and stars have shone
Before we were born and after we are gone
The whole world is just but a spec in its zone
The zone of …………..Time the supreme phantom

Its powerful hands has made mankind its slave
From the moment of birth till man is put in his grave
Men of wisdom, men of arts, men of swords mighty and brave
Men of crown, men of beauty all swept off by its wave
The wave of ………….Time the supreme phantom

It cares not for wealth, for power, for title or stature
It bends not to will, strength or wits! It has no aperture
Its hasn’t a shape nor form, no feel and no texture
It exists with no body, no mass and that is its nature
The nature of………….Time the supreme phantom

It does not choose sides of whose right or wrong
Tic tock! Tic tock! It compels us all to move along
To pace to its rhythm, all day, every day and for as long
As our bodies draw breath we must dance to its song
The song of………………Time the supreme phantom

To wallow in the past and in regret is like throwing your life away
Fight to conquer your present and your future by living life your way
Focus in being a better person and seeing a better tomorrow! from that never sway
Make each moment count, make your life matter, and make use of your stay
The stay of your………..Time the supreme phantom

When it passes then it’s done, you can’t make an amend
You can’t rush it, you can’t slow it, you can’t make it suspend
So live your life to the fullest! For life is a short period to spend
Fill it with love, happiness, sweet memories and adventure till the end
The end of your………..Time the supreme phantom

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Copyright © Bernard Owor
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