One change in the world starts with oneself
One must first begin by changing oneself
One must rise beyond needs of oneself
One must put others needs before oneself
Change oneself!
Our own minds learn only to think of self
Our own hearts learn only to feel for self
Our own bodies learn only to live for self
Our own spirits learn only to will for self
Reach beyond self!
Man’s greatest battle is fought within inner self
Man’s mind, body and spirit guided by inner self
Man’s demons and faults overcome by inner self
Man’s power and will harnessed from inner self
Conquer inner self!
Thus by loving others as one loves thyself!
Thus by treating others as one treats thyself!
Thus by serving others as one serves thyself!
Thus think of others as one thinks of thyself!
Rouse thyself
Makes our spiritual entity shine upon itself
Makes it spread brightness yonder than itself
Makes it a star upon a darkened sky by itself
Makes it the light many seek! A radiance of itself
Be the change itself!
Indeed our spiritual self reflects our true self
Indeed our existence is defined by true self
Indeed our purpose is shaped by true self
Indeed our path destined by our true self
Be true to yourself!

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Copyright © Bernard Owor

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