There’s a gift am bestowed that’s above pricing
When my pen on paper starts slicing and dicing
Then words start flowing with a touch so enticing
The rhyming scheme is my niche that adds spicing
Thus be the nature of my poetic comprising!

I can give them rhythm to make you start dancing
I can sugar coat them to make you start romancing
I can fill them with inspiration to get you advancing
Or fill them with encouragement to get you chancing
Thus be the nature of my poetic upraising!

Often triggered by a creativity force encompassing
My poetic lines of thoughts are beyond surpassing
Words upon words take formation and begin amassing
Into artistic poetic wisdom I am charged with passing
Thus be the nature of my poetic uprising!

They put me in a trance that compel me to start versing
An enchanting process which I have no way of reversing
Sometimes it’s my inner voices that i hear conversing
Which I echo and present forth with a poetic canvasing
Thus be the nature of my poetic arising

At times humble and divine at times swearing and cursing
At times laughing or crying other times arguing or discussing
Voices of angels singing and voices of demons chorusing
Deep within my consciousness they are always rehearsing
Thus be the nature of my poetic praising

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Copyright © Bernard Owor


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