It projects our deeds in reflection,
What you present yourself in detection,
Through words, writings and reasoning,
It gives the true picture of you in drawing.

You can’t hide your thoughts on fluctuation,
Your feelings in heart can’t stays for a duration,
Its true see and read on social media raging,
You would know what types of people we are living.

Blogs and magazines displays in notation,
Either gossips or sense news cruises meditation,
What this generation is all about carrying,
I can’t judge but one can rate what we our bearing.

This mirror can’t cheat neither put false decoration,
It filmed your life in front of the congregation,
By your tongue, acts, appearance and setting,
People always will put you in life scaling.

Think deep before you do your things as solution,
Asking is always better than one just doing assumption,
You may end up in a situation of regretting,
Which may leave a huge scar which forever will keep haunting.

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