I closed my eyes and the light dims,
And there in my heart another light beams,
Its rays falls on my heart’s bims,
It punches hit me and my heart beats…
As the clock arm reads twelve midnight on my hand’s wrist,
Then love blows and heart breeze,
Coming from her breath the air was cool,
As she lay close to me her touch makes my heart chills,
My spine rotates and my head spins…
There i was lost in my day- dreaming,
Thinking her love will be there for real life time,
She is like a love gift from above,
But, hallucination! her gift is a cause,
Living in a fake world, she turns to a dove,
Gentle like an angel but in her hand was a knife,
She suddenly gone wild, tearing my heart apart like a wolf,
Leaving me to be drawn in my own blood-lake,
She loves but far from real, her love was fake,
From the high plane of love she pushes me down to fall and break…
vapouration! her love vanishes and she disappears,
Her love is not impairs,
Like a dangerous widow
Her love fades when she looks through the window,
blurred and blank, she is gone.

Slow and steady my heart heals,
After she takes to her heels,
Another angel comes in with a rescue mission,
Non-fiction, her love is real without fiction,
Nice and slow my heart is back in a new fashion,
Her gift is love full passion,
The pain is gone,
Now love shoots in my heart like gun,
she loves me and her love is drama-free,
She is real without fake bakery,
Food for thought served in a dish of poetry!

©M.S. Uthman

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Copyright © Musa Shehu Uthman

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Disclaimer: The image used herein is taken from the Internet. Due appreciation and credit is acknowledged for the same.

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