The world is so full of pleasurable deceit
The happiness it offers is but a counterfeit
True happiness can still be achieved albeit
The grand illusions that make hearts forfeit

One must never give up, never quit
Thou life can be a treacherous circuit
It is very unfair and can never acquit
Those who lose hope in their pursuit

Todays’ success is a very seductive portrait
It depicts a materialistic and immoral trait
Power, alcohol, sex, drugs, money are bait
Sprung forth by a beast that lying in wait

From the day we’re born it starts to recruit
To the ways of this world most follow suit
The seed of deception has a bounty of fruit
Our mortal flesh is often a willing conduit

Choke your ignorance with wisdom not wit
And be strong not just in body also in spirit
With righteousness keep your path well lit
It’s how to avoid this earthly bottomless pit

Copyright © Bernard Owor

Disclaimer: The image used herein is taken from the Internet. Due appreciation and credit is acknowledged for the same.

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