Sincere acknowledgement and appreciation for this really really awesome initiative by Segun Louis Maria-Emmanuel Adesoro Sir, and also being a part of it……and hats off to all the writers for this amazing creation that represents and stands humble…on the highest pedestal of sacrifice. Sharing of this creation on this website is sincerely appreciated.

This is what Segun Louis Maria-Emmanuel Adesoro Sir wrote and requested on facebook on April 3, 2015:

Hello Poets!

I need just 14sonnets for a poem titled: THE WAY OF THE CROSS.
The poem is about the passion of Christ; how he walked the road of suffering to his death.

There are 14 stations in the way of the Cross and each station’s event will be expressed in Sonnet (14 lines).
I will inbox every interestees the details of event of each station from the 2nd to the 13th station ‘cos I will take charge of the 1st
and 14th (last).
Do you copy that?

Wow! Are you ready??? Just hit LIKE & comment YES! …and get the short story of any station along the WAY OF THE CROSS.

And this is the passionate creation that bloomed as a result of this initiative as below:


(a passionate poem of 196 lines, 56 stanzas, 14 sonnets by 14 poets)

His sacred heart clinched agony for love of all
Scathed, scorched, scourged at court’s pillar
One, who’s Lord and world maker
Yet offered himself to tragic call

Mockery made him king with crowning thorns
Annointed with crism oil from mob’s spittle
While anathema ovation lingers on-
Crucify Him! Chorused by aged and little

Your unbroken life staunch to helping others
Rejected, dejected, objected, ejected by the world
Not ev’n the one; Beloved and brothers
Abused, bruised, accused but lips no word

One who’s Lord and world maker
Yet offered himself to tragic call.

The four-edge rough cross was brought
He gladly carried it without a thought
Trudging, groaning on the long windy way to Golgotha
The cross he gracefully bore on his shoulder

He surge ahead,knowing this is the only way
The price to redeem fallen man, His blood to pay
The excruciating pain of the cross swore at Him
Masking His agony, seeking divine relief

Battered feets, blisters upon His lips
Tears stung His eyes, refusing to weep
Bearing the cross just to make all whole
That all my revel in glory and have eternal hope

Valiant! The battle of the cross He did fought
Shedding His blood to wash all sins away.

Daylight whispered His might into cloud’s ears
Sun and stars oozed evidences of what He wears.
His crown crowded doubting crowd with light
That dimmed darkness lurking behind his capture plight.

He knew of beckoning kiss trailing His ill defeat
He had ways to hold sway with angels drizzling conflict
Like days of Pentecost clouded with varying tongues,
But in his stronger weakness, spilled salvation He lays.

The burden found by sins were joined to make the cross
Where to come anomalies; still be lost in forgiveness.
He fell and rose to fulfil purpose of the Father
And pay our sins’ bills to fill earth with wonder.

His fall has made our wheels not to derail
With the courage surrounding him not to fail.

Mother Mary peeped from Jerusalem
Little clouds roared and dropped on bloody grounds,
Scurrying through lillies with a large harlem
Motherhood sailed, silently wailed aloud

The path to Calvary, a journey of years
Proofs of mercy followed those tiny drops,
Confirmed what seemed to be our needless fears
Mary’s tears too grew a few timid crops.

See a son bathed in scarlet water
Carrying tonnes of a cross he never nailed
Gave us free access to God’s own altar
Mary in her sea of tears paddled- sailed

Behind the scene where we earned this sweet grace
Peeps a mother whose glory outdoes all race.

Though His strength failed,
But His will stayed,
So He was weighed down,
With face of pains, would not frown?

By the weight of this cross,
Tree responsible for His strength loss
Even the mob felt this heat hit
But heart frozen to end-bear it

Then on, Simon of Cyrene, a passer-by
Carrying the cross, Christ lay-by
All the pains and agonies
Penny-less penance of man’s iniquities

With his deeds, our faith he lectures
To assasinate our sinful nature.

‘Twas dawn of hot noon, Veronica heard a commotion
A crowd of anger shouting, cheering
Snaked through forest of men for better vision
She was shock’d beyond belief of seeing

Behold! She saw the Lord, wearing a crown of thorn
A heavy wood on His shoulder, His steps staggered
For every whiplash launched, heart screams and mourn
Whether He reaches Golgotha, they wagered

She knelt, wiped His face, holy and dignified
Ignoring the taunts and jeers of blood thirsty tide
Wiped the spits, sweat and blood, as soldier clenched his glove
Gently with her cloth, soft as feathers of a dove

On her cloth, printed proof of my Lord’s true passion
For our redemption, as the Master has sworn.

Behold the messiah in pains
To calvary He took not vain-
Wounded and bathed with mockery
For our sins and blames He became filthy.

His journey to Golgotha was for mankind
To bring redemption from sin that kept us blind,
His love for humanity made him face death
To give us eternal breathe.

He fell again and bruised His kneels
Just to pay for our bills-
For love He kept going forward
Not minding the hate in man’s inward.

To the cross He went for us
To free us from sin at once.

Oh! Mourning mothers of Jerusalem
Whose trending tears as rich as diadem
Wailing in charity for one who would not weep
In pains and torment so deep

Who knows and feels pains and hate?
A seed from a womb, though a stranger
Who was born not in inn but manger
Lived in world of guilt but chaste

To them, in vest of anguish bearing
Save falling tears for ‘self and seeds, he said
For mine is kissing its ending
As he embrace cross, to place of skulls, he led.

Oh! Mourning mothers of Jerusalem
Wailing in charity for one who would not weep.


Upon thorns and sores, He bleeds endlessly
Bearing burdens bound on the cross of sin
His thoughts only rung rhymes of His mercy
Ev’n when His body bleeds in the scene

Each step taken for my sake -bore pain
Described by whips like lines scribbled by inks
Each pain-caused whip taken for my own gain
Led to groans, but never did His love blinks

Thrice, His fall did breed a call for my own rise
Each sweat broken mended my endless strife
Staggering steps made me come to realise
That all was to plant my faith firm in life

Crafting His strife for my life pleasingly
He tossed all scenes of my sin in death’s bin.


As fierce whips had left sores all over Him
Through turbulent trials passed the 9th station;
Spat on, scorned by filthy mouths of heart – grim!
How heartless! He was dragged without caution!

The innocent soul landed at Calvary,
Bruised and battered like rose, trampled upon
His tattered cloth, rented without mercy –
With stench of ripped off skin; pierced of thorn

The King of glory was completely naked
By wicked mortal men – executed!
In the full glare of the public… He then,
Bore the shame and atrocities of men

On the verge of completing His mission,
He humbled for all at the 10th station.


He has in his pouch; death
Yet, willingly surrenders his breathe
Arm stretched on the cross-plank
On each palm nail and hammer clank-ed.

Thousand eyes looked -on
Hundreds of lips cheered the soldiers on
The hammering went on strong
Yet, the pain, he beared so long

Here lies the noble saviour
Sacrificed His glorious honour
Bruised, battered and tortured
For the sake of sinners- He endured

Will He survive death?
Rose afterwards, lives forever more?


One hundred hard minutes plus painful eighty
Hands nailed apart unto dumb wicked planks
Thus long it took Him to break sin’s bond so naughty
Feet glued to dead Calvary’s tree trunks.

The Son of man hung down in excruciating pain
Yet, pardon descended from His blood-stained lips
“Remember me,” a reject pleaded, “Your Kingdom to gain”
“Tonight”, resounded the assurance as time flipped.

“Eli, Eli, la Mach sabachtani?”
“He called Elijah,” said paralysed ears
“It is finished!” He shouted as thunder roared sternly
Temple curtains went loose, dissected by fears.

The Roman soldier could not but testify
“This is the Son of God.” Justified!


Though He breathed his very last
All before Earthly million eyes
Crowding the coast like celestial cast
Dripping to soak, breaking cries

Mother Mary sighted child murder
On an infamous tree of calvary
Reflecting on hope when so tender
As speared wound appear too scary

On Mary’s arm lied our Saviour’s body
The bleeding sun erupted uneasily
Heavens still remain’d on critical study
Of a child who kissed death physically

God, the Father said ’twas not wrong
For the Son’s death was destined so long.


Sacrificial lamb in sepulchre, buried
So ends His incorruptible in dusk’s archive
For this heavy sinful world, He carried
To bestow you and I; eternal life

The sinless seed from the virgin’s womb
Wrapt in linen with spices, mixture of myrrh
Laid lifelessly in Arimathea’s tomb
For new ’twas for Christ or men?

He faithfully performed His duty
Mine is awaiting ahead of me
He has shown the path to eternity
By His death on a chunk of tree

Dying, He destroyed our death
Rising, You restored our life.

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Segun Louis Maria-Emmanuel Adesoro
Proofsegz et al.
© 2015.

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