It started as voices none else could hear
Whispering phantoms dancing in my ear
But as I grew older they heightened in gear
Ever getting bolder each year after year

Misty voiced notions vague and unclear
Words in the darkness making me tear
The fate of insanity beckoned me near
Aroused superstitions from all I held dear

With a pen and a paper all became clear
Confusion and madness so used to appear
Caved in to submission and did disappear
Left a versed manifestation of poetry’s spear
The voices in my head!

So now my condition once thought of as queer
Misinterpretations that shunned me from peer
And adorned me a victim of taunts and of jeer
Turned to a vessel vesting me with good cheer

It dawned on me like a spirit of a poetic seer
Voiced in my head was a soul commandeer
To keep me in line when my mind starts to veer
And be my pathfinder, to point where i must steer

So today here i stand! poetry’s musketeer
Gifted and proud to be a poem engineer
Am so blissfully drunk with poetic beer
And upon such waters I’ll build my career
The voices in my head!

Misplaced indignation clouded my sphere
Mine wasn’t a flaw but a gift so sincere
Ignorance is bliss, its consequences severe
Wisdom is power mankind should revere

To great adversities we must learn to cohere
Things taken for granted, might not be so mere
Nature has its laws of which we all must adhere
It takes lots of spirit and heart for a soul to persevere

Search deep within let your inner strength premiere
The voices I feared were destined to lead me here
And all that they needed was a conducive atmosphere
So I can claim me a place in poetry’s hemisphere
The voices in my head!

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