ssb group task

Burning the wings of fire..
lightening the zeal within,
such furnished is our moral attire,
dare not venerate us, we’re the SSB kin..

Tormented by filthy life, we’ve set a goal..
we’re the servants of nation, warriors as a whole.
a step ahead and we’ll be an ardent elite,
dreaming to reach there, each-n-every hour, day and night.

As a family, we’ve wrecked our hurdles,
taking a move ahead, we’ve overseen all silly shambles,
see ya’ in uniform guys,that’s a holy dream,
we’ll realize it for sure, that’s the moto of the team.

As a group, we’ve learnt the peanuts of success,
insomniac have we become, to see our ‘stared’ solders,
thanks to you all for you’ve wiped our distress,
hope we’d continue as a kinfolk, and even rise from diminishing embers…

(A tribute to our ‘ssb’ group formed in order to practice for the SSB)

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Copyright © Sujit Kumar Nath

Disclaimer: The picture used herein is taken from the Internet

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