The Song of Love - Love on a Magic Carpet of Snow

The Song of Love – Love on a Magic Carpet of Snow

Listen to the tune of this moment of love
Let me
Rub the sunshine in your hands
Whisper sweet love in your ears
Speak words to touch your heart
Let my song unite our souls eternally…..

Listen to the rhythm of the pattering rain
Let me
Soak you in the never ending flow
Drink from the flowing trickle
Drown my love and quench my thirst
Let these rain clouds shower on forever…..

Listen to the crackling of the passionate fire
Let me
Kindle the crackling flames of desire
Warm you by the glowing embers
Comfort you with my warm love
Let this fire rage through endless nights…..

Listen to the wind breezing by our haven
Let me
Sail with you riding on this wind
Lie in the shadow of your flying hair
Caress you like the breeze with my fingers
Let this magic carpet be our song of love…..

                                                            Copyright @ Zarina C. Johnstone

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