I shadow me...

I shadow me…

a shadow follows me
in my dreams and waking.
ambling through a gloomy maze
seeking that something out of reach.
soaring high in turbulent skies;
diving into crimson seas;
treading the soil of futile dreams
then, a cup of something gleams,
luring with its sweet nectar
that ruined many a man and woman.
the shadow dares not indulge
in the swell of the world’s madness.
fleeing on silent feet
it moves on, engrossed,
in the fragments of its ambiguity
seeking hope in life’s hopelessness.
desiring to fill the void;
the void unknown, buried deep [avatar user=”Gracy DSouza” size=”100″ align=”right”] within the dark walls of its form
where none can see, neither find, nor know.
the shadow follows me
dissolves into me
I shadow me

Copyright © Gracy D’Souza

Also at: http://www.gracydsouza.com/?p=2356

Disclaimer: The picture used herein is taken from the Internet


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